Means of avoiding, minimising and addressing the potential impacts of port and harbour operations

It is evident from the literature review that a wide range of port and harbour operations may cause adverse environmental impacts. Where uncertainty exists, it is equally possible that they do not, or that the impact is insignificant in relation to the reasons for which the site was designated. Suitable actions that should be considered in ports and harbours to address the impacts identified above, some of which are already in operation, are as follows:

  • environmental policy, reviews and management systems,
  • information and codes of conduct,
  • ensuring safety,
  • emergency response procedures,
  • provision of information on SACs,
  • zoning of activities,
  • re-routing via alternative navigation channels,
  • protection of intertidal features using breakwaters and other structures,
  • compliance with regulations covering cargo operations and promotion of good practice, and
  • managing anchoring.

Environmental policy, reviews and management systems

Information and codes of conduct

Ensuring safety in navigation

Zoning of activities

Re-routing traffic via alternative navigation channels

Protection of intertidal features from ships’ wash

Compliance with regulations covering cargo operations and promotion of good practice

Managing anchoring

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