The UK Marine SACs Project website was a vehicle for communicating and distributing the learning, knowledge and outputs from the UK Marine SACs Project to its wider audience. Since the project was completed in 2001, this website has been closed and all its documents and background information can now be accessed through the UKMPA Centre.

Marine Communities

The wealth of marine habitats, communities and biotopes found within UK marine SACs are complex and varied. Information on their ecology, sensitivity and management - ranging from overviews to detailed technical reports - can be accessed below.


Detailed Marine Features Reports

  Subtidal brittlestar beds
  Intertidal reef biotopes
  Biogenic reefs
  Circalittoral faunal turfs
  Infralittoral reefs with kelp
  Intertidal sand and mudflats and subtidal mobile sands
  Sea pens and burrowing megafauna

Summary Documents

  Marine features of the Habitats Directive*
  The Marine habitats review

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The information contained here has been collated as part of the UK Marine SACs Project by specialists in each area. This understanding is constantly evolving. You are therefore recommended to consult other sources of advice, particularly MarLIN.